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UEC Profile

Who we are & what we do?

We at UEC are specialists in the field of Automation. We design, supply, install, commission and maintain process control systems. They are designed for the safe and economical operation of chemical processes, distributed over a large area. Our market sectors include energy, industry and environment protection.

It is our objective to win and keep our customer’s trust and respect by setting high standards in all areas of supply and service.

We at UEC believe this requires:

  • Our integrity
  • Our sincere interest in profound and functional solutions, as well as
  • Outstanding products and services of lasting value which meet the real demand of our customers.

Our Potential Skills

Our company’s motto is Responsible Care. We are not just interested in the pure sales of large or small equipment, but also in its correct utilization and application.

We believe our main skills are:

  • Understanding the customer’s real needs
  • Knowing the processes and procedures required for a specific system
  • Expertise in the relevant key technologies: computer, communication, instrumentation and Control, automation as well as systems engineering

Our special asset is the way we combine all of these skill and capabilities in each area of expertise. Our sales division’s objective is the ability to deal individually with each customers problem. Our sales engineers listen, understand what is needed and think ahead.


Our main objective is to assist those responsible for the supervision, control and optimization of chemical processes, distributed over a large area. These processes require maximum reliability, availability and cost-effectiveness. We fulfill these tasks by means of integral systems, solutions for data acquisition, transmission, distribution, processing and the representation of correct information. By “Correct” we mean making the right amount of information available at the right place at the right time without any information getting lost or changed unnoticed.

By always striving for highest standards, we have been successful in implementing a number of projects during the last years. The following pages show the list of our projects in the various market sectors, as such

  • Power Plants
  • Chemical & Petro-Chemical Industry
  • Sugar and Allied Plants
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Steel Mills
  • Glass Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Food Beverage Plants

Engineering Capability

UEC (Pvt.) Ltd. Boosts of complete integration house and has joint ventures around the world with manufacturers of high repute and unquestionable quality to provide the complete solutions to our clients in Pakistan.

Inspect Capabilities

  • Inspection of Pipes
  • Inspection of Pipe fitting
  • Inspection of Valves
  • Inspection of Instrumentation Installation Covering all field & Control Room Installations.
  • Calibration of Pressure Regulators, Control Valves, Flow Meters

Field Instruments

  • Sizing & Selection of Control Valves
  • Sizing of Orifice meters, Vortex Flowmeters, Magnetic Flowmeter
  • Materials Selection

Single Loop Controollers

  • Preparing Schematics of Single Loop Controllers
  • Development & Implementing Programs for Programmable Controllers

Distributed Control System

  • Preparation of Regulatory & Sequence Control Schematics
  • Selection of DCS System Components and Integration of Plant wide automation.
  • Detailed Engineering on System Software
  • De-Bugging & Trouble Shooting
  • Installation & Commissioning

Programmer Logic Control System (PLC)

  • Preparation of Sequence Control Schematics.
  • Third-Party System Selection (Allen Bradley, Telemechanique, etc)
  • Supervision of Detailed Engineering.
  • De-Bugging & Trouble Shooting.

How We Coopertae with other Customers?

Partnership and commitment characterize our business style: partnership with our customers and commitment to their needs and problems. Most of our customers are faced with complex tasks. The key to the right solution and to our high standards defining these complex tasks in a clear and simple way.

Our Project Stage Model

All persons involved in a project must have a clear idea of the problems to be dealt with. That is why we divide each project into “Stages” so that complex problems can be easily understood. We do not proceed to the next stage until the preceding stage has been completed and accepted by our customer. “Milestone Documents” certify the completion of each stage and reflect the progress of the project as a whole. This way we make sure that our customer gets the solution he really wants.

Defining the Task

In a preliminary study, all data and facts are collected. It defines the preconditions and possible solutions.

At this stage, close cooperation with our customer is essential. This of course, does not mean that our customer has to be an expert in our technologies. What have to be clarified at this point are the goals of the project. How it is to be implemented is defined at a later stage.

What matters are that the purpose and aim of our work is defined as clearly as possible. Our extensive experience makes it easier for our customer to make the right decisions.

System Design

Now we introduce our products and technologies the question in which kind of equipment, methods and processes are to be used in the system so that it performs all the functions required. Having exactly defined our tasks, we are able to use our system components so that our customer gets exactly what he needs, neither more nor less. This is the only way to obtain cost-effective results.

Our hardware design department plans and documents the detailed structure and assembly of the system’s hardware.

Our software design department draws up the program logic. Previously defined computer functions are converted into a program concept.

Project Management & Implementation


Our project division is staffed with experts who first thoroughly analyze or customer’s requirements and process before coming up with well-balanced systems solutions.

Our Project division has the capabilities for planning, developing and servicing our products in an innovative manner.

All of our divisions follow the principle in the manner they work together: for us cooperation means more than the sum of individual achievements. The team’s interest comes first.

Our development and manufacturing divisions help us to achieve top quality products. We develop and produce all system parts requiring process know-how. However, where standard products can be used as well. We only seek top-ranking companies who meet the highest demands worldwide.

We are uncompromising when it comes to the selection of materials, perfect production and efficiency in solving a specific problem, in design test procedures, maintenance, training and services. All these qualities are integral parts of our business attitude, which-since the founding of our company has always been based on a pioneer spirit. Our high demands on quality can be seen as reflection of our innovative developments.


Now further internal resources can be applied. The system is assembled in our workshops according to a modular concept

We are equally uncompromising in our test procedures. The test phase is divided into the step :

  • Each instrument is tested in a simulated environment.
  • All instruments are tested together in the workshop.
  • The system test : The entire system is examined and tested.

Before delivery, the finished system has to pass through a final comprehensive check with both the planner and the user: The system is then transferred to the plant.


Finally plans are turned into reality. The system is installed at its destination and is connected to the process, specifically designed for the demands of the particular process. All functions are checked down to the very last detail

And now the last step: the trail run under real process conditions. If everything works functionally, smoothly and to our customer’s full satisfaction, a joint acceptance protocol” is drawn up.


To maintain the high standard of performance, as shown during the operation test, the system needs maintenance. This includes:

  • Service
  • Repair
  • Regular Inspection

Electronic systems contain only a small number of moving mechanical parts subject to wear. Nevertheless, the performance can be improved by regular preventive maintenance.

Systems include a number of provisions for fast troubleshooting. As a rule, faults can be eliminated by exchanging PC-boards. This spare-part concept eliminates incalculable repair expenses for our customers.

During regular inspections all devices and system parts are checked. This allows for potential failure sources to be recognized at an early stage, helping to avoid future problems.

After Sales Back-Up Services

To maintain the high standard of performance, as shown during the operation test, the system needs maintenance. This includes:

  • Service
  • Repair
  • Regular Inspection

UEC has adequate manpower and test equipment to carry out this important task.

The spare parts for MTRs, Recorders, Indicators etc. Gauges are stocked to meet emergencies. The DCS system has been given a special emphasis and hot stand-by units have been procured and maintained to provide a comprehensive back-up service to the clients.

Training Program

The operation of the system is multifaceted as the demands are complex. This is why planners, plant managers and service technicians all have to acquire the specific knowledge each in his field of duties to be able to correctly deal with the system. While a system is being produced, we offer a comprehensive training program directed at a specific target group. This training program is designed then the tasks to be solved are defined. When the system is put into operation, all staff members are already familiar with its characteristics.

In general our training program consists of three parts:

  • Part 1: System expansion or adoption
  • Part 2: Maintenance (Service and Repair) and troubleshooting
  • Part 3 : System handling and operation

Part 1

Those in charge of the system learn how to carry out planned system modifications and expansions, including documentation updating, data retrieval and saving. The training provides general knowledge of the system’s structure, standard program functions, the software designed specifically for the customer and the use of application programs.

Part 2

This enables the maintenance personnel to locate hardware defects and to eliminate them by exchanging system elements. They also learn to carry out preventive maintenance.

Part 3

The plant’s operating crew acquires handling and operational knowledge. This training program is normally held while the facilities are being installed.

Why we are so successful?

Whether a strategy is successful or not depends on how it is turned into reality. It may not be common to talk about “Responsible Care” in this connection, but it is only honest if we do so. There is no secret to our success. It has a sound basis, a team committed to fulfilling its tasks with sincere interest. That is why our customers feel that we are their partners. The result is nothing less then active references, our customers support us the way we support them. For us the order of priorities has always been “Customer, Staff, and Company.” Integrity ranks top in our thinking and acting. We would never endanger long-term success by concentrating on short-term profits. This principle determines how we act in every aspect and in every detail-towards our customers and towards our staff.

Our company records show that we are right, our list of customers and our staff display a remarkably continuous growth.

Our staff is our greatest resource. Each staff member should find satisfaction in his or her work. The average age is still remarkably low. There is a good reason for this: “Development within the company” has always been one of our principles. This applies to projects and products, but above all to our staff.

We respect and support each employee willing to advance professionally and personally. Common interest and consensus reflect a strong team spirit.

Therefore the expression “My Company” is more than just a slogan. It is a sign of special integration. One could even speak of “Family ties” reaching beyond working hours into leisure time.

Companies are the reflection of the people employed with them and the environment they have created. If one looks back on our company’s development, one can fairly well predict how it will respond to future problems and possibilities.

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